Monday, June 21, 2010

Becoming the Wise Librarian

For a full six hours, I, Julianne Marron Wise, hesitated commandeering this blog address

Embarking on my inaugural library courses this summer hardly qualifies me as a "librarian" much less a "wise" one. My fourteen-year career with Thomson Reuters Legal has provided me with a vendor perspective of the library world, but I am still a relative stranger to the profession having never even worked in a library.

But my last name is "Wise". Get it?

So I will exploit the potential Pygmalion Effect of this blog address and ask my readers to be patient while I work to earn the title.

Well, we all now know that I am not yet a Wise Librarian. Who am I?

  • a wife and mother of two children

  • an MS-LIS School Media student

  • and, most importantly for appropriate blog context, a woman contemplating a significant career move thanks to the inspiration provided by Librarian Stephanie Rosalia in this New York Times video.

Thank you for joining me on this journey into my next career.